Thursday, October 26, 2006

The NaNoWriMo Challenge

So I finally gave in to Rob's gentle nudges and have registered to be a participant in National Novel Writing Month. YES! I did it. I even succumbed to the nerdy button advertising said registration. Scroll down the page and look for the little running guy carrying a pencil. It says for all the world that I am a participant. Somehow, that has the same terribly cheesy feeling I associate with getting a certificate of participation when everybody in the group got an actual award. Sheesh, let's not delve into my childhood baggage right now....

Anyway, I did it, and so now you know about it, so I guess I would be a jerk to drop out now. Talk about creativity at gun point. Being the competitive person that I am, I can't imagine bailing out now, although in terms of my writing projects, I do tend to be Achi-like in abandoning things. Lest anyone care, I haven't quit the real novel I've been writing for a couple of years, I'm just slowed down by the immense nature of the research. I'd like not to look like a total jerk when I have my characters walking down certain neighborhoods only to have somebody's granmother point out that I got it wrong. Unfortunately, Tio Humberto died after I started interviewing him, and then Tia Esther refused to talk about the event I wanted, so I guess that gives me the liberty to make up the the rest of the story. Wow, I guess I rambled off topic there for a moment. Another one of those tricks we use to avoid the topic at hand. I gotta write a novel in 30 days.


Well, the good news is that the contest requires no quality. It's supposed to be one giant vomitous draft. I can do that if I give myself permission not to revise the day's work. Hmm, we'll see how my personality manages this challenge.

Anyway, that's what's going on. Check out the website, and play around over at Ink 'n Doodles Creative Workshop, too. Who knows? Maybe I'll get that novel finished. It beats doing laundry


rob said...

Hi fellow WriMo! (yes we are Geeks... Geek is the new "cool" term for nerds... you'll learn the secret handshake when you finish!)

Thanks for plugging "the workshop".
I also want to get all of your readers over to the podcast: Ink 'n Doodles Radio!

We'll be podcasting throughout NaNoWriMo, so send me some excerpts and we'll do a "professional reading" of them on the air!


Bego said...

I see how it is, a little gratuitous ad--


Greg said...

It's been a few years since I completed a novel and I've actually been contemplating doing NaNoWriMo this year. Because I have lots of free time, you know.

Goldiefish said...

You're so sassy when you're writing... I love it!