Friday, October 27, 2006

my uncle schmoozing with the pope

So my dad in his very unsubtle way, forwards an email to me that shows an email exchange between my brother and our uncle, in Cuba. The unspoken threat: you better get off your franny and write!

OK, OK, I hear ya loud and clear.

Then, this morning I open another email, this one from my mom. Another forward, this one from my cousin Mertxe in Cuba (she's a missionary nun there) and it's this awesome picture of my uncle speaking with Pope Benedict XVI. How cool is that?

I guess I better write him, huh?

The pressing question on my mind is: what language were they speaking?


Lisa, sfo said...

WOW! Way, way cool, Maria! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Goldiefish said...

One degree of separation from Christ's Vicar on earth - no bad, no bad at all. Hey wait a minute, that's two degrees of separation for your good, close, personal friends, such as myself. SWEET!

leonie said...

way to cool girl ,show off caus you can.its great to see this history in action.

cortijo said...

I bet they are speaking in Spanish. :)