Monday, October 09, 2006

Miss Annie Update

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Y'all keep her in your prayers. She'll get a couple of pins, and then a pretty long recovery, so we'll see how she fares.

In other exciting news, we have attacked the front hedge. Yes, the hedge that I so adroitly trimmed the other day. There is scary talk of fountains.

Did I just say that? For your amusement pleasure, John wants to put a fountain in the front of the house. Sure, this after we renew our wedding vows and I used up any chance that we weren't in our right minds 21 years ago.

As if I wasn't already long-suffering with the dog....

I think he does this to torture me so that he can get what he really wants. It's like the teenager who tells his parents he's getting a tattoo, so that when he comes home with his nose pierced, they are relieved. He just bought a truck, what else could he want? Oh no! I think he really wants a fountain!!!

1 comment:

nat said...

A fountain huh?
Don't worry, as long as it doesn't have a pineapple on it you should be okay.

no offense to any readers who may have a pineapple fountain...imo they're just overplayed and I have a feeling it wouldn't capture the true essence of the Johnsons - but...what kind of fountain would?