Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Don't tug on Superman's cape; Don't spit into the wind.

Don't pull the mask off the Lone Ranger, and don't mess around with Clark.

I've been following a crazy campaign that Clark Howard has been running against Bank of America, and it makes me laugh. In a complicated turn of events, a San Francisco man was arrested for check fraud and detained, then held even though he wasn't the criminal trying to pass the bad check.

The guy was eventually released, but it still took $14,000 of his own money to clear his name. Clark Howard called the bank to offer to split the guy's court costs, and the bank refused, thus pissing off Howard and starting the whole mess. In short, Howard, a syndicated radio personality that offers consumer advice, has advised his listeners to remove their money from Bank of America because a bank unwilling to admit to a mistake and provide good customer service is only interested in the bottom line.

He proposes to attack that bottom line. To date, $26 million dollars have reportedly been removed from Bank of America accounts. I guess those $7,000 saved have really made an impact on the BOA bottom line.

Forgive me while I assume a Liberal posture and laugh while the little guy makes the corporation cringe.

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