Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend Update

Wow, a blast from the past--reminds me of SNL and Jane Curtain. Well, I'm just dating myself there...

Anyway, a delightful and busy weekend for us. I picked up Vicky very early Friday morning, and she came home for the cliche laundry duty. She told stories a mile a minute, and we had a pleasant chat before Ihad to go to work. she ran errands, visited John at work, and then checked out Jonathan and Chrsity for lunch. At that point we had to take the Deb and Flo show on the road to that culinary powerhouse, Casa de Waffle.

After that, it was pick up the laundry and back to school by 3:30 to get ready for the performances for the football activities. A show, a pep rally, and then non-stop ESPN action until the game on Saturday night.

We went to the high school game, which should have been a victory, but was a tie. I hate ties--they define nuthin'. The kids enjoyed their friends, the crowd, and every once in a while, some football, and I stayed on the visitor's side helping to train a new batch of parents for concessions. It was merely a warm up for the next evening.

On Saturday we arrived at Bobby Dodd at 4, like the good worker bees that we are, and immediately went into pre-game mode. Note, that our start time is 4 pm--kick-off at 8. That was the most parental fun I've had in some time at one of those events. One of the moms was just confused about the whole process, and so, everytime we got instructions, she was questioning everything. I should describe the typical attire of a person who has worked one of these games before, and this fine lady's get-up.

Me: no make up (you've got to be kidding), hair pulled back in tight ponytail. Long pants (jeans) to avoid sticky coke sloshes on the legs, thick-soled walking shoes with socks, light t-shirt.

Newbie: beautifully applied make-up (sure to run and splotch when the sweating begins), hair coiffed, curled and perfumed, pretty capri pants, sily tank top, and Manoloesque style flats, with a pretty bow (no sole, no socks). She was distressed when they gave her an X-L t-Shirt, and told her to tuck it in, and not roll the sleeves. Oh, and she had to tuck her hair into a baseball cap.

In spite of this caricature, she was great fun, and it is always a relief to find someone elese with a sharp wit to entertain us. Some time after halftime a large guy with the band came to get some food, and he was wearing the awful dinkle marching shoes (in white!) with white socks, and the white pants, which are cheapo polyester and have that awful bib so it looks good with the jacket, but looks atrocious without the jacket.She had no idea it was a band uniform, sans the identifying part (the jacket) so she was just amazed at the guy's girth with that particular clothes.

Because she is a classy lady, the only thing she said was, "That man sure has made an interesting fashion statement."

I told her it was a band uniform, and she was relieved to find out that he wasn't wearing it on purpose. Then she gave him credit for coming off the field and into the stands, "Well, it takes a man with a great deal of security to walk around wearing that." I guess so. I made a mental note to tell Jonathan that in a getup with white pants like those, tightie whities are not a good choice.

Anyway, Vicky was all over the tv that night, and she had a blast, by all counts. She popped in to get some food, and then disappeared back into the football euphoria.

We didn't get home until almot 2, thatnsk to clean up and then traffic.

Sunday was all about slumming, and today, too, could be a slumfest, except the priest woke our butts up this morning with one of his bizarre unannounced visitations. BAHAHAHA.

I think I will indeed slum it the rest of the day.

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Christy said...

im just letting you know that you spelled your daughters name wrong. hah!