Friday, September 08, 2006

Star Trek lives!

OK, I'm a gigantic nerd. Accept it, I certainly do. Today is the 40th anniversary of Star Trek.

Wasn't Shatner, um, Captain Kirk "hot" back in the day? I choose not to see the bloated pictures of an old guy. Except, I suppose we all get old and bloated, huh?

Anyway, there are probably tributes all over the web today. While I admit to being a fan of the franchise, I've never attended one of the various conventions held for sci-fi freaks. Does that make me a lesser fan? Um, how about it keeps me in the realm of the normal spectrum.

Nevertheless, I admit to having dressed up in a gold command uniform about a hundred years ago when I was teaching yearbook. I do believe there is a picture, too, but you're never gonna see that here.

My real love was for Voyager, until "Boobs-in-Space" came aboard, and the series shifted away from Captain Janeway and became all about that stupid Playboy-Bunny-in-Space. I thought Janeway was a compelling character, conflicted, like all good heroes. Then the writers ruined it by having her do something that contradicted everything she had stood for: she went back in time to save Seven of Nine. Sheesh. I guess you could argue that makes her human. I think that makes the writers stupid. Just sayin'.

I'm over it. She's still my favorite captain.

Live long and prosper!


The Jules said...

Harrison Ford as Han Solo was hotter than William Shatner!!!

Bego said...

There will be no Star Wars references in this post.

[delete] [delete] [snip] [snip]

-Danny said...

Princess leia. Slave girl outfit.
'nuff said.

The Jules said...

it's Tuesday! time to post!