Sunday, September 24, 2006

Homecoming and homecoming

The Homecoming Dance was last night--reports are that it went well. The usual suspects gathered at a central location for 37 versions of the same group picture, and then it was time to party....

Meanwhile, I chilled out at LG's, which is a good thing, since there's nowhere else I could yawn and almost fall asleep during a visit and the hosts wouldn't mind. My life is just as demanding, timewise, but at least the complication of too many places at once has been reduced. I hope that by January I will have paid my dues in the college schedule department and I won't have a 40 hour work week scattered across 6 days. Yech. Then maybe I can have a life again and not fall asleep at people's houses.

Finally, picked up Vicky and brought her home for a while. The Deb and Flo Show has retired to the bedroom where they are clearly up to no good. Last night I eavesdropped on a telephone training session that was too comical for words, only to discover the same session going on at my house. New phones for everybody. I'm not interested in the doodads--I just want to have a more normal ring tone than what Christy selected, but I can't even figure out how to check my messages. Oh, and inexplicably, when I call Vicky, I don't get ringing. Instead, I hear Vivaldi's four Seasons. Very weird.

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