Monday, August 28, 2006

Stuff I do

Some of you may know that I like to write. I may have posted before about the fear of writing, and the neurosis to write in spite of it. Over the years, I've entertained thoughts of writing The Great American Novel, finished a poetry manuscript that is gathering dust, and failed miserably year after year at the open call contest that Simon and Schuster runs for a Star Trek short story collection.

I also have a real novel that I haven't quite finished, and one that I have abandoned (but picked up again recently)that I was writing for Jonathan.

I did finally finish my writing textbook, and it's uploaded at lulu but I haven't opened it for the public yet. OK, I'm retarded.

In spite of all this, it seems that this blog is what gets my attention, some days better than others. It goes back to my roots as a young writer, keeping notebook after notebook of personal essays hidden away in drawers in my bedroom. I think sometime around age 13 I realized it was a diary, even though I could never bring my self to use the "Dear Diary" opening. It seemed to me, even as a child, so cliche and teeny bopperish. LOL, I was a literary snob before I achieved my present state of cynicism and ennui. Go figure.

Well, the blog's metamorphosis into this public forum started at one of the sites I've listed to the right of this entry. Ink 'n Doodles, founded by Rob Suarez (another link), is a nice little safe community for artistic expression. I started posting a personal essay there on Fridays, and it blossomed into a daily reflection here. So, in spite of promises to him that I wouldn't take those ruminations elsewhere, here I am posting them here, and not there! Sorry!!!

As life happens, one thing leads to another, and now I am writing a weekly column called Monday Musings, which is posted Mondays at around lunch time at an apostolate that I serve in various capacities. You can see the link for Rosary Army on the right as well.

That little challenge at Ink 'n Doodles grew into something a bit more tangible for me than just "being a writer." It sure is encouraging to see a by-line as validation every now and then.

Anyway, today's biographical moment is brought to you as a way to comply with a request from Rob. He asked that I post a link here whenever I post something elsewhere.

I won't backtrack, cuz then you'll all hate me, but most recently I published today's Monday Musings entry. I guess I will make my writing manual available to you next. Hope you enjoy it.


critter said...

amazing...this is GREAT news!

critter said...

...about David! (I was referring to your MM post)