Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm a slacker again

I don't have the boss around me cracking her whip and demanding an update. I understand she's having internet limitations at the moment in her dorm room, and my other demanding reader is on vacation at the beach. Together, they keep me posting. Otherwise, I just slink away and play solitaire.

So, in spite of not updating, quite a bit is going on around here. Several posts ago I complained, among other things, that our neighborhood roads looked like a jigsaw puzzle because last spring the county sealed cracks, but never got around to putting down new blacktop.

I'm pleased to announce that evidently, the gestational period for roads in our fair burg is about 7 months. We have newly surfaced roads in the development. That's real good.

And, to my great mirth, Cole is, in fact, dead. Before PETA and the rest of you offended by my callous disregard for this little animal, it's actually more directed at his owner and his weird ways. Just in case, I'll put up my lightening rod.

Meanwhile, John had the plastic stuff taken out of his nose. No more mockery of his sneezing with his mouth open.

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