Thursday, August 31, 2006

cross country

So, an exciting afternoon full of injuries. Jonathan wiped out on his way to the meet. He showed up at the field covered in blood, because he fell in a briar patch. Brilliant. It sounds like something out of a children's book, briar patch.

Chris killed herself in the woods, and the coach pulled her out of the race, so today and for the next several days she will be angry because she's never Not finished a race.

Incidentally, that pic of Dion was actually a big hello from him to Vic.

And the rest is full of the usual suspects--the media was there; there's a secret picture of him denying me the exclusive interview I offered. His loss at an opportunity for a Pulitzer.

The youth minister showed up, and proceeded to mooch gatorade (OK, I offered).

Check out the sexy legs contest, and then some wise guy took a picture of me bending over. At least it was from the front.


critter said...

i like how you set up the pictures.
Jonathan "!se acabo!" (glad to see he's in cross country too)

Christy said...

what!? dion was there? ...i miss him!