Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 12 of 12

5:50 AM
My day started helping The Infirm One change the dressing on his nose. Gross.

12:00 AM - 6:00 AM
Had Sleepless in Seatle playing on a loop all night. Can't say it was a restful sleep, what with The Infirm One making weird gurgling sounds all night. Gross. Again.

10:00 AM
Tucked him in for a little nap. Mostly so I could get some stuff done.

11:30 AM
I'm off to teach a class. It's turning out to be a yucky day.

11:35 AM
This is the neighbor with the crop circles (from yesterday's post). Here is one of his random weed patches. Very weird. It's just a rectangle of unmown grass.

11:55 AM
One of the random lights I hit on the way to work. Check out the stupid signs. My dad the compliance officer would have a field day issuing citations in Atlanta. Notice that all the Cynthia McKinney signs are missing. I bet she got miffed and had them all removed.

5:00 PM
I got a text message during class to give Vicky a call when I had a chance. So I did, at a red light. She was reporting that she made the Saber Team for the band. Very cool. She's amazing at throwing things in the air. If only she'd learn to put things away.

5:40 AM
American history homework. Joy.

7:00 PM
A friendly game of Hand and Foot. Girls against the boys. The girls are the best team. Everybody knows that.

7:30 PM
Our friend Jeff stopped by with fresh-baked apple pie from the queen of apple pie. He was commisserating with The Infirm One, right up until he got unnecessary details about the gunk oozing out of the nose.

8:40 PM
Things looking terribly bad for the girls team. We are still the best, but....

8:55 PM
The guys pulled a victory out after all. Or, we took pity and let them win. Either way, here are the champs. For the moment.

10:50 PM
The bonus picture: HOMAGE. This is my homage to blogger because I got all the pictures posted in one shot. Miraculous.


Chad said...

Hi! Thanks for being a part of it! Are you sure Sleepless in Seattle on loop is going to make him any better!?

beth said...

Great pics. :) Sorry y'all had rain!

Bonnie said...

Ooh! I'm so curious about "hand and foot"! I love good card games and that's a new one to me.

Cool 12 of 12. Cheers from a fellow 12-of-12er!


Jay, the Angry Little Man said...

You posted all in ONE SHOT?!?!

Tell me your secrets!!!

Teena said...

Great pix! Thanks for sharing your day.

Mine are up too :)