Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12 of 12

6:57 am
on the road to work, praying a rosary for all of you guys playing along today


7:00 am

realizing that maybe driving in pumps not a great idea


7:28 am
arriving at work and parking in front of my favorite tree (pathetic, but brings me joy!)


10:00 am
class is finished, so I have time to catch up on the news, although, not quite sure why grillz are newsworthy


2:10 pm

random moment of the day, a student walks in to investigate my chairs (in the presidential suite). she claims to be a "homeowner" and needing to furnish the house. not quite sure what she wanted with my chairs, they are pretty ugly and cheap


2:50 pm

on a rescue mission to take Vic back to Tech to pick up her wallet, which she lost, and due to the star on her a** was recovered with everything in it, even the cash.



the name of the street not lost on her


4:00 pm

and who could miss an opportunity to pose in front of Tech Tower, while I was double parked and holding up traffic (not really, no one in sight)


5:10 pm

finally home, and LOOK, I can park in the garage (thanks to my honies that finally cleaned it out)


7:05 pm

browning some meat for dinner: burritos


7:30 pm

yummy, indigestion


8:54 pm

pleased with myself for figuring out how to post pictures to blogger when blogger doesn't want to cooperate.

Bonus Picture: HOLES


Elaine said...

OMG! I love your bonus pic(s). That is a neat trick. How did you do that?

Bonnie said...

Very cool.

Aw... I remember the ATL DJs doing a bit about "Leroy of Luckie Street." Dang... that seems like forever ago.

Happy 12 of 12!

Vicky said...

if i'm not mistaken.....i think i took one of your bonus pictures. unless you copied my idea. then you just stole my idea. either way, you're stealing my intellectual property. i think that might be illegal....

Bego said...

the megaphone? nice try. I took it, baby.

Rob said...

It looks like we both made burritos for 12-of-12 day! Yea to Latino cuisine!

The Jules said...

Oh, Vicky is crazy lucky. If I lost my purse 3 times and it was returned completely intact 3 times I'd stop carrying one. Just so I don't lose it again. But I'm not lucky like Vicky.

cortijo said...

I want some burritos too!