Thursday, June 29, 2006

More about dogs, part 2

I haven't ranted about Reflector Man in some time, mostly because he moves very quickly when he crosses our property ever since John hid behind the azaleas and let PJ go after the insipid little cretin and his yappy dog.

A good time was had by all. //snort//

Reflector Man is another one of those fixtures in our area, like Wheelchair Man and Menace. It turns out that others in our neighborhood, experiencing these nuisances too, have their own nicknames for the careless and clueless characters who move within their own universes.

Reflector Man received his moniker because of a reflector vest that he wears in the early morning and twilight hours. The other two wackos could learn from him, but let's not encourage the over all behavior, mmkay?

Anyway, Reflector Man's particular transgression is that he walks his dog in everybody's yard. His yard is pristine, but you can find little turdlettes scattered all over everybody else's yard in the neighborhood. One guy, who didn't have a dog and was clearly fed up with RM's unneighborly behavior, posted a wacky sign in his yard to try to educate the inconsiderate old coot. I don't know that it worked, but it cracked us up.

Ever since the PJ incident, though, RM moves across our job quickly. If I see him coming up the street, I'll get PJ, just to serve as a reminder. It bugs me that the old guy could possibly feel that consideration and rules of behavior don't apply to him. It was very evident this morning, as I was zipping down the hill to go to work. Who was standing in the middle of the road with the dog leash let out about 20 feet, effectively blocking the road?

Reflector Man, who else.

It was darn funny. I know he fears me, in that paranoid she-has-it-in-for-me way. Of course it's my fault for being an ugly neighbor. He's never pondered why. Anyway, as I was zipping along down the hill, I could see the fear and hysteria in his eyes. The jerk thought I was going to hit him, or his precious barking rat.


It's way more fun messing with him.

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The Jules said...

Oh, thats brilliant. I didn't know about dad hiding in the bushes with PJ. That had to be very funny. You should have gotten it on tape. ;-)