Sunday, April 09, 2006

Haven't cracked the code to bi-location yet

But I'm working on it. Sorry to say, posting hasn't been a priority, particulary if I'm nowhere near the computer. Alas, that's just the way it's been.

I started teaching yesterday--a four hour class on Saturday morning. It went very well, in spite of the Dean pretending the students were going to be goof-offs. Well, there were two who slept for an hour, but hey, what do I care? They actually get a grade for work ethic. If they do it two more times, I get to drop them from the course. Hmmmm.

I've picked up a couple of more classes, which are inconvenient, but one sacrifices to get the foot in the door. I have another one at 7:45 tomorrow morning. Then, who knows. Since classes started last week, I'm picking up 2 new ones that have been in session for a week. I have a lot of planning and sorting to do, and as far as I can tell, I'll be doing it from the coffee break room until they can empty out an office for me. Patience is a virtue, and sometimes has tremendous benefits. It seems I will be getting an office that was intended for a dept. chair that moved. So, it's freshly painted and has new carpeting. Unfortunately, it's also filled, floor to ceiling, with textbooks and equipment. We'll see when that gets resolved.

I've got to figure out a working schedule that gets 40 hours in, including what they call 25 contact hours with students, and manage to do it around the Tuesday/Thursday schedule I have at the university (which ends on May 3). Back to that bi-location trick. Too bad the hours I put in organizing myself don't count towards the "work week." Ah, the woes of a teacher, LOL. Too bad we can't clock in and get overtime! Whatever, at least I'll be double-dipping this month, that's a bonus. Literally!!!

I shall endeavor to continue posting in the mornings, but bear with me while I get into the new rhythm. At the very least I'll have new fodder for my musings.

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