Monday, February 13, 2006

Whack 'em with a stick

Well, Christy's lacrosse season kicks off today. It snowed overnight (the real thing) so those poor girls are going to be freezing up in the north part of the city tonight. The sticks have metal shafts, the uniform jerseys are short sleeved, and they play in a skirt (called a kilt). I sure hope they win tonight or it's going to be an especially cold ride home on the Cheese Wagon.

They already played a scrimmage at a jamboree last weekend, losing the first match and winning the second. Maybe they just needed to warm up. Literally.

I don't know much about the game yet, but I love it. I wish I had been able to play it. Of course, it requires a great deal of running so maybe I would have opted for playing goalie, but anyway, there's a great deal of skill needed to move the ball. It's kind of like soccer, in the running up and down the field only I think the field is larger than soccer's.

They play with sticks like field hockey, but the sticks have nets at the end, and instead of whacking tha ball, you're supposed to catch it in the net and either carry it or throw it to a teammate. Scoring looks easy enough--you zing the ball into a hockey like net and hope it sails past the goalie. If you miss, the goalie gets pelted by a really hard ball. On second thought, I wouldn't be all that interested in being goalie after all.

It's a cool game and I love that Christy is getting into it. Maybe they'll win. Maybe they won't. They'll be having fun, though. When else can they get their frustrations out by whacking people with a stick?

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