Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Excitement as the students come in with their exams grades

My remedial students are streaming into the office, clutching their PASS notices on their exit exams for their course, and in the excitement, I deleted the post that was, in all honesty, probably way too long, so you, gentle reader, can thank them for saving you a dull long post.

I, however, will not spare you, and try to reconstruct what I was wailing about.

It's been a while since I mention good old Wheel Chair Man. The truth is, there are numerous sitings, scattered all over Atlanta. Vicky counts in excess of 15 in and around campus, and I see the usual suspects in the neighborhood and on the way to work. The truth is, I'm done with it--it has become so commonplace that there's no sense in always droning on about it. Let's just say I'm giving up Wheel Chair Man badgering for lent. Early.

Of course, I have to pick up a new habit to replace the old one, and a woman in Old Town has kindly stepped up to the plate and provided me with some morning entertainment. This woman power walks in the mornings. She is scantilly dressed (almost naked, or almost nekkid, depending on what she's in a hurry about) and she jay walks all over the place. I've seen her cross and recross the street at different junctures, so who knows what's up with her. What's crazy is that she seems to be carrying on a conversation with herself (I finally noticed the bluetooth--a status symbol for a segment of our population). Today, she was carrying on in such an animated way, with a dish towel waving it all over, that I thought she was being attacked by gnats or something. It was just an animated conversation.

I look forward to seeing her tomorrow morning.


Vicky said...

oh mom. today i was overcome with joy. i was walking to my building earlier, and i happened to be walking behind my usual wheelchair man. the white guy that i always see everywhere i go on campus. he really is like our original wheelchair man, only he's a little kinder and he generally rides on a sidewalk.

and guess what? he lives in my building! i am sharing space with a real life wheelchair man. how amazing.

that's all.

The Jules said...

I see the atlanta wheelchair men too! how fun. I was waiting for your next blog about them :-)

A lot of crazy jay walkers here too.

There was this one crazy lady that was trying to take jonathan's coffee thinking it was alcohol. We ignored her...