Thursday, September 14, 2006

ads that don't add up

SoI have this yahoo account that is increasingly becoming a pain in the neck because of all the advertising. In fact, advertising in general is a pain, isn't it? I especially hate those pop up ads that take over an entire screen, and you're looking all over the place for the stupid little "X" to close the thing, and then it takes off into animated hell, and you're held hostage for the duration of the ad. WOW. I find them almost as annoying as run-on sentences.

Anyway, lately every time I check my yahoo mail, there's an ad for a mortagage company on the page. It shows a roof top, and it has a silhouette of two people dancing an obscene and disgusting gyration thing as they move back and forth across the roof. It's gross. Their movements aren't even so much sexual as unnatural. To make things worse, the female, who is chunky and therefore quite impressive in her gyrations, is also sporting extremely stringy hair, or they are going for a black demographic, in which case she has a really bad weave. It's a lose-lose for us girls. The guy is just as frightening. I mean, it could be Deney Terrio.

In case you are clueless about Deney Terrio, he taught John Travolta to disco dance.


nat said...

and Deney Terio was mentored by Merv Griffin...and why do I know this??


and his DANCING!!

btw: I've seen that add and I've seen it where they dance on their own and where they aren't dancing but if you scroll your mouse over it...they dance! in their moonlit silhouttes!

Bego said...

you make me damn sad, natalie.